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Custom Test Routines powered by Huntron Workstion

Custom Test Routine Services

Download CTR Information Guide (PDF) -- (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Huntron offers custom test programming services to develop baseline programs for your printed circuit assemblies. Our Technical Support personnel have many years of troubleshooting experience in real world applications and will provide a good starting baseline test for your PCA. All you will need to do is the final adjustments to customize the procedure, thus significantly reducing your test development times.

We generally require two known good circuit boards for test development and several known bad boards for test verification. Circuit board documentation is not absolutely necessary but can greatly assist in developing effective test routines.
Download the CTR Information Guide to get a idea for the actual time involved in creating and using a Huntron test routine whether it is developed by you or Huntron Technical Support.

Contact Huntron Technical Support for more details regarding Custom Test Routines.

Typical Custom Test Routine Development features

  • Creation of PCA database using CAD data or manual input
  • Teaching of component pin XY locations for Access Prober baased tests
  • Scanning of components or nets and setting reference signatures
  • Benefit from the experience of Huntron Technical Support personnel
  • Get a quick start into executing test routines on your circuit boards
  • Includes an easy to use Test Only pane better suited to test execution in a production environment
  • Auto Align feature performs the Prober board alignment automatically