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Huntron - Technical Support

We take pride in providing the best Technical Support

Huntron Technical Support is available to support the needs of Huntron customers worldwide. Technical Support is available during regular business hours. For the best service in answering your questions or resolving problems, we suggest calling us directly. In many cases, questions can be answered or problems fixed much more efficiently by talking to Technical Support personnel directly since more accurate information can be conveyed. However, Technical Support will answer emails as soon as they are received and a proper response can be formulated.
Huntron Technical Support prides itself for having fast and accurate service to our customers and welcomes any input regarding our performance. Please contact us if you have any comments, questions or concerns.

Contact Huntron Technical Support:

1.800.426.9265  -  425.743.3171  -  425.743.1360 fax  -  Email: info@huntron.com

Huntron Users Support Forum

Huntron also provides a worldwide Users Support Forum where you can post messages, questions and comments online. You can join the Huntron community at the Huntron Support Forum.

For those considering buying used Huntron Tracker or Prober products

Please contact Huntron Technical Support or view the Obsolete Products page before purchasing used equipment from surplus test equipment suppliers or auction sites such as EBay. In many cases, the equipment does not include all of the parts, accessories or software that originally shipped with the unit. Some of these parts (such as GPIB or camera cards) are necessary for the equipment to function properly and are no longer manufactured by their OEM. In most cases, software for these products will need to purchased.

Circuit Board Problems web site

Huntron recommends the Circuit Board Problems blog as a useful resource for technicians, engineers and hobbyists interested in troubleshooting and repair techniques for electronic circuit boards. Here is a link to the site: Circuit Board Problems web site (circuitboardproblems.com).