Testing Capacitors and ESR

Started by MichaelHeit AD7VV, September 14, 2019, 12:13:23 PM

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MichaelHeit AD7VV

Question: does testing a capacitor with the Huntron show ESR? I suppose if the ESR was high enough it would be a factor in the signature, but if it weren't yet high enough would there be a way to determine it?? I have a ESR tester I bought and it will give a value, however determining of that value is a factor in circuit is a crap shoot as far as trying to use it in troubleshooting.

Just some thoughts as I learn ASA.

Thank you for any replies.

Mike AD7VV
Michael Heit
Electronics Engineer Everts Air Alaska AD7VV


If you are looking for an actual value then no, ESR is not indicated. The Tracker can show leakage issues in the form of increased angle in a capacitive signature which would also affect ESR value.
The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.


testing with ESR meter you can get precise values down to 0.06R
Huntron  sees  influence of other components on the cap in-circuit ...to gain  understanding of circuit connections , some components might affect esr readings.
Both have merit depending on the circuit under test and how you use them .