Bad Chanel A Huntron Protrack I

Started by ken, December 29, 2013, 09:03:52 AM

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Finally step in it. Accidentally used huntron lids instead of meter lids. 200 VDC on channel A. So far suspect damaged relay on the channel with 10 ohm resistor. Resistor also damaged, showing 13 ohm reading. No problem with resistor but don't see part number on relay. Does anybody know relay part number? Or replacement?

Thank you.


Hi Ken,
Sorry to hear about the hit to your ProTrack. This happens more than you might think.
There are two relays for the 10 ohm range, one for channel A (K1) and one for channel B (K32). They are both 1Form A relays in a SIP package. The manufacturer part number appears to be 9097-05-11 (COTO) or MS-05-1A87-75D. The Huntron part number is 07-4056 (in stock; $5.00 each)
K37 and K38 are also vulnerable when a surge is applied to the front panel. These parts are 1 Form C with diode relays manufacturer part number DA1C05CWD (Aleph) or PRMA1C05B. The Huntron part number is 07-4040 (in stock; price not listed but I can get it if needed).

Thanks and Happy New Year.
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