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Started by Thomas, December 28, 2009, 04:59:11 AM

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I had a doubt with the new huntron i purchased without the probe. Well i can use the tracker leads to check the signature of each component, but how can i use the clips in order to scan an IC, which would consume less time. Please provide me with some details.

Thomas ??? :o


Hi Thomas,
Welcome to the Huntron Support Forums.

What model of Huntron Tracker do you have so I can better understand your question?


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Old thread yes but I thought I would do a little follow up on the OPs quetsion.
Most Huntron Trackers had or have an accessory that allows for using DIP clips for scanning ICs. Currently that would be the Scanner II or Scanner 31S used with the Tracker Model 30.
Older "scanners" would be the Switcher 640 and DSI700 used with the Tracker 2000. The Switcher 410 was a manual push-button "scanner" that could be used with just about any Tracker.

The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.


Old thread, I used a switcher 410 with a Tracker  2700, it works great. You don't need to connect the clock, just power it separately.


No doubt Curtis (Huntron Tech) will correct me if I'm wrong on this.
If you want any sort of Scanner then you need a 2700S.
Or you could try a Tracker 2000 + DSI 700 if you want scanning on the cheap.
But you'll have to run it with Windows 98, and manually change the ranges when scanning with Workstation 3.5.
Look for a Huntron ProTrack + Scanner on EBay, Better than a 2700S or 2800S.
And almost as good as a 3200S!
But don't get the ProTrack KJ3 / US Navy version if you ever want to run it with Workstation 4.3.
The KJ1 & 2 uses through hole components but you can still source the parts & equivalents.
Whereas the KJ3 & KJ4 uses surface mount components.


The Switcher 640 was a pretty decent scanner for the Tracker 2000 but it did not use software.

If I recall correctly, one limiting factor on the ProTrack Scanner is that you could not pick any pin as Common when scanning more that 64 pins (i.e. using the SIP2X or DIP2x packages in the Workstation software). The 3200S can use any pin as as Common up to the full 128 pins.
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Hi Curtis
I can see the advantage of being able use any pin as common up to the full 128 pins with the 3200S.

But with the ProTrack + Scanner you can take the output from the Scanner Relays directly to a DMM.
Something you can not do with a 3200S.
I have successfully used this method in manual mode scanning and auto mode using Workstation 4.3 to measure resistance using my 34410A DMM as discussed elsewhere on this Forum.
I appreciate that using the Scannner Relays to feed different pins to a DMM input is not the most accurate way to measure way to measure resistance, but for high resistance readings its good.
I guess the usual method to measure resistance with a DMM attached to a Tracker is a Prober!

A separate question you might want to move to current software:-
You mention in your reply above using SIP2X or DIP2X to scan more than 64 pins.
What did the Workstation 4.3 update Version 4.3.7912 (2021) do for the ProTrack + Scanner when Scanning more than 64 pins?
Impossible to change the limitation of you cannot pick any pin as Common when scanning more that 64 pins with a ProTrack + Scanner.
The arrangement of the Relays on the ProTrack Scanner does not allow this.
 So what did the the upgrade in 2021 do for Scanning more than 64 pins?