prober keeps probing in z

Started by duanes7, July 08, 2015, 10:38:58 AM

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Just loaded software 4.2.5513.18610.
When I am in the troublesheet pane I right click on a signature I wish to reprobe and select real time. The head will drive over and probe the correct point and I will get a new signature.
If, at this point, I right click as if to select replace signature the prober drives to the camera view in X&Y, and the probe will drive down/up an extra 2-4 times in z.
If I left select the new signature window, the prober drives to the camera view in X&Y only. Then I can right click and select replace signature with no extra probes.
Is this a new software hiccup or is there a setting that I should look at?


Yep. That is a hiccup. My workaround is to leave the Prober pane selected to the Teach Height tab when reporting signatures. The funny thing is that is does not do it in all instances. Anyway, it is fixed for the 4.3 release due next month.
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