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Started by MichaelHeit AD7VV, September 07, 2019, 10:11:18 AM

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MichaelHeit AD7VV

Hello, I have a problem that I think may be related to the Workstation software.

The 2800 I am using we bought used but vary rarely used; the workstation software is version 4.1.4134.17822 and only runs on windows 7 Pro not windows 10 ( the latest version runs on 10)

The software loaded on my Windows 7 Pro desktop, the activation code worked as the program will open. However, when I first activate it, or try to connect in tools: options; connect I get this message:

"Initialize tracker 2800 on USB tracker resource not set check tracker/scanner power"

I ran diagnostics on the 2800 and it passed, I updated all the OS drivers and confirmed the Tracker drivers as ok, the USB cable works and is recognized in the device manager tree; the computer seems to think that the 2800 is not powered up yet it is.

I know that the maintenance feature of the software is out of date meaning no updates to the software, but other than not being able to connect or have the computer recognize that the 2800 is actually turned on, everything seems to be normal. Has anyone else had this problem, if so what was the cure? Manually the 2800 is fantastic, it really lets me get to the heart of the problem, but without the software it's only half a tool that it should be and will cost us a ton of time for any practical use.

Any help or suggestion would be deeply appreciated. I am hoping that we won't have to buy a new computer with windows 10, a new license and the most recent version of the software to get this machine up to the level it is capable of.

Thank you very much,

73  Mike AD7VV

Michael Heit
Electronics Engineer Everts Air Alaska AD7VV


It is still possible as I have done recently to download for free Windows 10 to a PC running a legitimate copy of Windows 7,  64-bit version. I had the Windows 7 Pro version, which meant I got Windows 10 Pro version, no charge.
Sounds like the problems I encountered trying to get Workstation 3 running in 32-bit in XP mode in Windows 7 with a Huntron ProTrak with USB Port.
Just tap in on Google "How to get Windows 10 free". But must be legal copy of Windows 7 you have.

MichaelHeit AD7VV

jvthorsley: Thank you for your reply sir. I have Windows 7 on a desktop that was allocated from company surplus (read junk pile) and sent over. The OS is not authenticated and I am trying to get that done though I don't think it is the problem. I do have a new laptop bought for the project but it is Win 10 64 bit and in order to get the 2800 to work on that system we will need to buy a new activation code and update to the latest version of software.

It would be my preference to upgrade and get a new license anyways but unfortunately my request to have accounting give me a signed check and leave it blank so I can fill it out was denied.

I wish to state for the record Huntron has sent an upgraded version of the software my system needs, and the activation code works, but in the end the upgrade didn't solve the issue. I still think its a computer problem and not the Huntron software. I have to say that Huntron has been fantastic in support for this unit even though it was purchased used; that speaks volumes for the company and its support of their products.

Again, thank you very much for your reply.

Mike AD7VV

Michael Heit
Electronics Engineer Everts Air Alaska AD7VV


I may be wrong, but could you not run your 2800 on Workstation 3, and with an old copy of Windows XP you could be in business, and be able to store signatures. I'm sure Curtis, Huntron Tech support would give you the link to Download Workstation 3. But you need to check if your 2800 is compatible with the old version of Workstation.
If Workstation 3 does work with the 2800 it would prove your PC will work with a 32-bit system!

MichaelHeit AD7VV

The decision was made to purchase a new desktop for my bench and with that a new activation code and I'll download the latest version of the software when I get the new computer set up. I am also having trouble getting a used  oscilloscope we bought to network with the current desktop as well so that computer will be scrapped. That means I'll wipe it clean, load Linux, and put it on my ham shack bench .... :) ...I just love it when a good thing comes of a bad situation.

In the mean time I am training myself using the ASA course text book that was with the 2800 when we bought it, and learning how this incredible tool works.  :-*
Michael Heit
Electronics Engineer Everts Air Alaska AD7VV


The best way to learn how to use a Impedance Signature Analyzer is to use it on failed circuit boards, and you'll soon start finding high ESR capacitors, leaky diode junctions, and faulty SCR's, MOSFETs.
But good idea to get a ESR meter, to quickly isolate the high ESR electrolytic caps in-circuit.
Then confirm with your Huntron once one side of the cap is isolated.


Just to clarify a bit of info here, the Tracker 2800/2800S was never supported in Workstation 3. Workstation 3 was a distant memory when the 2800 was introduced.
The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.