Workstation 3.5.4 on older version of Windows

Started by jvthorsley, November 18, 2017, 05:41:57 AM

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Recently tried to get Workstation 3.5.4 working with my ProTrack  using USB port on my Tektronix TDS 5052 oscilloscope that uses Windows 2000 Pro S/P 3.
Workstation failed to work, but then realized that Workstation has to be installed from within a folder you create called Huntron. It now works but with resolution problems of the older operating system, and the touch screen does not work so have to use mouse. But proved it was possible unlike trying to get Workstation 3.5.4 working in Windows operating systems after XP in XP mode!
Also Workstation 3.5.4 will not work with Windows XP Pro 64-bit S/P 2.


Workstation 3.5.4 just needs to be installed from a folder on the root of the hard drive using a simple name such as "huntron". Thanks for sharing, James.
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