Started by globe_02, July 13, 2019, 08:47:57 AM

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Hi,I am looking for workstation 2.2 and the DSI700 software to try with my tracker 2000.
Thanks in advance.


I could email copy to you if Curtis in Huntron Tech support has no objections.
It came on three Floppy Discs. And if memory serves me right worked on Windows 98.
Otherwise Curtis may already have emailed copy to you.
As I remember with this early version of Workstation you have to manually change the range, and I believe the frequency you can use is limited. But apart from that the Tracker 2000 & DSI 700 is good for semi automate PCB fault finding.


Welcome to the Huntron Users Forum, globe_02.

I didn't see that I have posted this before so here are the 2.2 software links:
Disk 1:
Disk 2:
Disk 3:

I hope you have an old PC. :)
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Hi Admin and jvthorsley,

I downloaded the disks and installed them on a windows 98 laptop.
Everything seems to work.
Thank you very much.

Best regards,