Hardware install in 3.5.4

Started by Al1234, December 31, 2022, 11:52:11 AM

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Hello and happy new year.
After installing workstation 3.5.4, when installing hardware (protracker I usb) there are 3 choices:
What are these choices, please?


HI A11234
I just had a quick look at my old PC with Windows 98, and I think you will find in settings that is has USB Auto-Detect. So shouldn't be a problem. There are a few other settings in Preferences you can also play with.


I went through the software it does not connect. then I saw another posting about the driver install for hardware on windows.


I guess one is suppose to go to device manager and install the driver for the hardware before WS 3.5 recognize the hardware (protracker I).
in Device mng the Protracker had a big yellow exclamation mark. so I did follow and selected the folder for the driver hptusb.sys.
when installing the driver it was installing it what seems to me for ever. the installation never ended. I tried this several times.
even thought the device manager shows protracker installed. its property dialog box says driver is not installed but choosing the driver button it shows the driver path....
work station does not recognize the protracker still.


i did what below posting is suggesting, the driver installation took for ever, installation for the protracker driver never ended. 


Let's not have two forum threads going on the same question. Locking this one.
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