ProTrack I model 20

Started by Paula Silva, January 12, 2023, 04:46:06 PM

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Hi Paula,
Have you tried to upload a .PTC (ProTrack calibration) file using the ProTrack Diagnostics? If no, send me the serial number and I will email the original factory PTC file.
The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.

Paula Silva

Hi, Fetron. Yes, completely "by the book", just the way you said and I normally do, but the tracker keeps erasing the flash and locking up...

Paula Silva

Hi, Curtis. No, never done that (and to be sincere don't know how to upload that .PTC file, if you could help me with it I would appreciate). Anyway, it's serial number is KJ3-01733.

Sorry for this situation, in the meantime I'll keep working with the tracker open, in case I have to reflash it again).


Hi Paula!

Try to run the diagnostic function with Huntron Workstation software. It also includes a hardware test.

Continue troubleshooting:
1. Replace U10- IDT71256 ic, U9- IDT7164 ic.
2. To test.
3. If the error persists, replace U8-EPM7032.

Paula Silva

Huntron Workstation? Installed it, and it gave me this message:

I've just bought that "standalone" ProTrack, have no license, so can't work on that software...


HI Paula,
You could use the old 3.5.4 version software. The password to unzip the download file is 354XPSP2. It only works up to Windows XP.
Workstation 3.5.4

Also, you could try running the Diagnostics directly as (I think) they do not look for an activation code. File path:
c:\programs files (x86)\Huntron Workstation 4.3\Ptdiag32.exe

I will email the PTC file using the address you listed with your Forum profile.
- You need to save the file on your PC in the "c:\winhunt" directory (Workstation version 3 software) or "Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Huntron, Inc" folder (Workstation version 4.1/4.2) or the "Users/Public/Public Documents/Huntron Hardware Files" folder (Workstation 4.3).
- Once you have the file saved, start Huntron Workstation (or ProTrack Diagnostics).
- Go to Control/Maintenance/ProTrack Diagnostics (ver.3) or Tools/Maintenance/ProTrack Diagnostics (ver.4)
- Select the Write to ProTrack button
- Verify that User 1 is selected
- Click Upload - the file will be uploaded to your ProTrack (you will see some block information displayed briefly on the ProTrack LCD)
- When the Upload is complete, close the Protrack Diagnostics
- Go to Settings/Hardware Settings (ver. 3) or Tools/Options/Hardware (ver. 4)
- Select ProTrack I as the Test Hardware and click Save
- The ProTrack should connect to the PC
The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.

Paula Silva

Thanks a lot, Curtis and Fetron. Later night I'll work on it, and then let you all know the outcome.  :)

Paula Silva

And now, after looking everywhere for the ProTrack driver (installed OK) and connecting the ProTrack to the PC before installing the Huntron Workstation v3.5.4 I'm greeted with this message when running the software...

(I'm definitely not good at these situations)  >:(


Hi Paula
Apologise if you have already loaded the program the right way.
Did you extract the program directly to the C:\.
Call the folder Huntron.

Paula Silva

Well, dumb me! I've been told that this Workstation only works in Windows XP, and I'm running it on Windows 10!  :-[
Tomorrow I'll install an XP OS and the Workstation 3.5.4 on an old laptop of mine, and then get back to you.

Thanks A LOT for all your help!

(BTW, I'm starting to suspect one of those two SRAMs you talked about, Fetron)


As James posted earlier you need to extract the zipped Workstation 3.5.4 file to a simple path such as "c:\huntron" then run the setup file from there.

It is good that the ProTrack shows up as a USB device on your Win10 PC. This tells us that it may be (mostly) okay.
The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.

Paula Silva

Hi everyone, so sorry for not paying this thread much attention, been busy lately but I'll get back here ASAP!


I been meaning to post here. I have KJ3, but came with the p28F001 already in there and working. It had bad encoder and some resisters were blown. all repaired, calibrated and working now, passed all the tests in the software.  if it's all good with the Admin here and helps you I can send you the program off of this KJ3.

Paula Silva

Hi, Al1234. That'll be excellent, but only if Curtis (Admin) doesn't oppose to it. Anyway, I still have the feeling that one of those two SRAMs Fetron mentioned previously is broken.

Once again, so sorry for not returning here more often but have some personal problems to deal with, hopefully ASAP!

And thanks for all your help!  :)


Okay so all is good I already sent you what I have to your email