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Started by Al1234, May 25, 2023, 02:24:21 PM

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I have always found that powering the Scanner on first helps with connecting to the ProTrack.

A simple alternative for checking the relays without software would be to make a 64 pin ribbon cable assembly with one end plugging into the Scanner 64 pin connector. The other end would have all of the wires connect to a wire that can plug into the Common banana jack on the front of the ProTrack. It won't test for relay resistance like James' test does but it will check for a relay that does not close.
The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.


I use a similar method that is I have a gang of 64 X 47 K Ohm Resistors mounted on some strip board.
One end of all the Resistors to COM, and the other end of each Resistor to each of the pins on a 64-way IDC Plug connector.
Connect through ribbon cable to the Scanner 64-way IDC plug, and using the appropriate resistance settings on the ProTrack to obtain a 45 Deg trace. Quickly scroll through all 64 pins to check all is well with the Scanner Relays.
I also use this 47 K Ohm & 10 M Ohm Resistor adaptors to check for high / low resistance shorts & continuity between pins as mentioned on this Forum.
Either looking at the Trace on the ProTrack or using a DMM to view the results.
And use Workstation to automate the test for a pass of fail result.
Again either CRT trace or DMM to make the measurements.
On the adaptor shown one side goes to the ProTrack, and the other side goes to a circuit board connector under test.


thank you both for great tips.
James are the 2 IDC 64 pins connected together and with 1 side of the resisters?
and is the 10M ohms resister adapter another one just like this?


Each Resistor is connected directly to each pin on the IDC plug.
And the other ends of all the Resistors is connected to COM.
So if you have a DMM connected to the BNC Ch.A output on the Scanner.
The adaptor connected through ribbon cable to the 64-way plug on the ProTrack SWcanner.
And the NEG lead from the DMM connected to the COM terminal on the adaptor.
Set the ProTrack for 64 pin SIL, Scanner menu and as you scroll though with the Encoder Knob you should get a reading 47 K Ohm for each Resistor on the adaptor
And answer to your question yes each of the pins on the two 64-way IDC are connected pin 1 to pin1, pin 2 to pin 2 ----- to pin 64 to pin 64..
And yes the 10 M Ohm adaptor is the same.


prefect, thank you for your replay, and thank you very much for sharing.