ProTrack Scanner fault repaired.

Started by jvthorsley, October 25, 2019, 04:07:26 AM

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Recently had a problem with my ProTrack Scanner.
Caused by me accidentally plugging in a 12 V.D.C. adaptor. The Huntron 5 V.D.C. has the same jack plug size.
On going into Workstation, I got the comment "Hardware error Fail to query Scanner".
Found short circuit across output of DC to DC converter U7, Part No.105S5FS.
This is a isolated DC to DC converter, 5 volts in, 5 volts out.
This  device is now obsolete, no longer manufactured. But plenty of data on it on Google.
Found an equivalent Part No. CRE1S0505S3C, Made by Murata.
This device had the same 1 W spec, but has higher isolation voltage of 3KVDC.
Is available from Farnell, RS, & Newark. And does the job.
Or better still use the Recom Part No. REE-0505S. This fits in the same plated holes the original does, and only requires one leg to be bent over to the hole next to it. Also available from Farnell, RS, & Newark.

But the over-voltage also took out U8, U9, & U9 (Part No. ISI150 isolated bi-directional coupler).
This feeds pulses to the four 32-bit latched relay drivers (UCN5832EP, that had also blown. This was the expensive part of the repair.
Also precautionary replaced U5, a hex schmitt trigger, Part No.74HC14N, and U6, a diode array, Part No. SP720AP.
Still found I had a few intermittent relay failures on the relay test. To fix this I cleaned the pins on the 3-way plug (Channels A, B & COM), and socket for this at J4. I also soldered the wires on the three crimp connectors.
No more failed relays and then ran the"LOOP CALC" test with no more problems.

Most of the components here except the 74HC14N are obsolete.
Including the ProTrack Scanner ALEPH relays, Part No.DA2A05BWD.
I replaced these with a Hamlin equivalent relay, Part No.HE722A0510, also available from the above component suppliers.

Would be interested to know if anyone else has ever plugged 12 V.D.C. into a Huntron ProTrack Scanner.