ProTack I 20, shows resistance

Started by Al1234, October 31, 2023, 11:57:26 AM

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Hi everyone, I was wondering if I can get some guidance with this. Please.
The protrack shows a little bit of resistance on capacitor measurement. It does this with even brand new caps.
It passed the loop Calc the first time and a few more times.
I have done all the other check individually, as well and passed them.
All tests were performed without any leads connected.
Is this normal?


That looks fairly normal to me.
But I do think you could make some adjustments on the HV circuit board to sharpen up the trace.
See my photos of a ProTrack capacitance  trace under current hardware surface mount capacitors on this Forum.


Thank you jvthorsley, I will make the adjustments. Adjustments are those 3 potentiometer on top left?
But the signitures show a bit of leakage no?
I had to take the frequency all the way down to 30 to get this.
Ohm 20. V does not matter on cap measurements but it was on 4.


Really big caps always so a little bit of angle.
The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.