Protrack I 20 over voltage

Started by Al1234, November 04, 2023, 12:17:23 PM

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Anyone knows why a protrack throughs error "over voltage" saying press channel A or B. But has to be turned off/on to resume operation again.
There are 2 that are doing this at random but otherwise they work fine it seems..
They are not being used when error happens. But leads are connected to the protrack. Sometimes the unit is on And is working Then I leave the desk for some reason when I come back the error is on the screen.
1 kj3 and the other kj4.


On a KJ2 "Over Voltage" usually comes up when an over voltage has been applied to the input.
Or even when a higher voltage range on the ProTrack has charged a Capacitor in the circuit can cause this.


Thank you. Yesterday these guys where throughing over voltage without being used and also during use.

I didn't know protrack can charge caps in boards to the point of causing a fault. Thanks.
I just noticed the 2nd or 3rd time I went over a 14 pin chip in circuit protrack faulted out "over voltage".

About faulting "over voltage" when not in use, Last night and today left the protracks on for an hour at a time. No fault.
If it's an external signal causing this, Maybe has something to do with the time of day. I will try it the same time in the next couple of days and report back.