Protrack KJ2 EEPROM

Started by ken, December 14, 2023, 12:29:11 PM

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Hello guys, looking for any help I can get. I have 3 Protracks KJ2. One of them just doesn't boot up now. Open them up. After switching 20pin DIP EEPROM P28F001B problem moves from one to another. So all is needed to reprogram the chip. I have Genius G540 for this kind of problems. I made copy from working chip. Programed another one, doesn't fix it. OK, I bought another 2 chips, same model, same manufacturer - INTEL. Programmed - OK. But doesn't work. I'm loosing my mind, I know it is this chip. Then I noticed after reading working chip that it all filled with FF. I shows it is EMPTY. Verification shows they are verified - OK.
Does anyone can share with me bin file for that chip? Or direct me what is going on?

Thanks guys.


I thought that a link to the bin file had been posted on the Forum before but I can't find it. So, here you go!

V3 firmware

I think this is the correct file. Let me know.

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Try Catalyst flash ic CAT28F001Pi-12B, or CAT28F001PB-12B, or CAT28F001PA-12B.

Or Intel P28F001-B120.

What type of flash ic are you using?


I'm using INTEL chips. I'm blaming programmer now, bought GQ-4X programmer. Result will prove or I'm wasting money again.


Hi Ken!

Make a copy in the good flash and save it in the hex format.

Program your new ic in the hex format.

It is not necessary to buy a new programming tool.


I find this Programmer always works with the ProTrack Flash Proms.


Dear Admin!

The firmware number 06-5098 that you uploaded on December 14 belongs to the KJ4.

Firmware 06-5069 is for the KJ2 (which Ken needs).
Can you upload this?