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It would be supported provided the Workstation SDK is activated. Look in the Help menu under Enabled Features for activation status.
General Discussion / Re: Testing Capacitors and ESR
« Last post by admin on September 20, 2019, 07:42:06 am »
If you are looking for an actual value then no, ESR is not indicated. The Tracker can show leakage issues in the form of increased angle in a capacitive signature which would also affect ESR value.
General Discussion / Re: Changes to Huntron Support Forum - please read...
« Last post by admin on September 20, 2019, 07:39:32 am »
The 2800S has the scanning capability built-in. Two 40 pin channels using a single Common.
Current Software - Huntron Workstation 4.X / Re: Workstation software issue
« Last post by jvthorsley on September 15, 2019, 05:27:43 am »
The best way to learn how to use a Impedance Signature Analyzer is to use it on failed circuit boards, and you'll soon start finding high ESR capacitors, leaky diode junctions, and faulty SCR's, MOSFETs.
But good idea to get a ESR meter, to quickly isolate the high ESR electrolytic caps in-circuit.
Then confirm with your Huntron once one side of the cap is isolated.
Is there a way to convert the 2800 to a 2800S? We have a 2800 and after reading the capability of the S model I thought it would be great to be able to have the S abilities but not have to buy a new unit. I hope this is not a dumb question ... I like the thought of being able to plug n a card as opposed to how the current system works for me.
If a person didn't have the automatic prober set up, would this combination of the Spectrum analyzer and a hand probe be useable for one off PCB testing??  Just curious.
Current Software - Huntron Workstation 4.X / Re: Workstation software issue
« Last post by MichaelHeit AD7VV on September 14, 2019, 12:20:07 pm »
The decision was made to purchase a new desktop for my bench and with that a new activation code and I'll download the latest version of the software when I get the new computer set up. I am also having trouble getting a used  oscilloscope we bought to network with the current desktop as well so that computer will be scrapped. That means I'll wipe it clean, load Linux, and put it on my ham shack bench .... :) ...I just love it when a good thing comes of a bad situation.

In the mean time I am training myself using the ASA course text book that was with the 2800 when we bought it, and learning how this incredible tool works.  :-*
General Discussion / Testing Capacitors and ESR
« Last post by MichaelHeit AD7VV on September 14, 2019, 12:13:23 pm »
Question: does testing a capacitor with the Huntron show ESR? I suppose if the ESR was high enough it would be a factor in the signature, but if it weren't yet high enough would there be a way to determine it?? I have a ESR tester I bought and it will give a value, however determining of that value is a factor in circuit is a crap shoot as far as trying to use it in troubleshooting.

Just some thoughts as I learn ASA.

Thank you for any replies.

Mike AD7VV
Current Software - Huntron Workstation 4.X / Re: Workstation software issue
« Last post by jvthorsley on September 09, 2019, 03:51:44 pm »
I may be wrong, but could you not run your 2800 on Workstation 3, and with an old copy of Windows XP you could be in business, and be able to store signatures. I'm sure Curtis, Huntron Tech support would give you the link to Download Workstation 3. But you need to check if your 2800 is compatible with the old version of Workstation.
If Workstation 3 does work with the 2800 it would prove your PC will work with a 32-bit system!
Current Software - Huntron Workstation 4.X / Re: Workstation software issue
« Last post by MichaelHeit AD7VV on September 09, 2019, 03:36:09 pm »
jvthorsley: Thank you for your reply sir. I have Windows 7 on a desktop that was allocated from company surplus (read junk pile) and sent over. The OS is not authenticated and I am trying to get that done though I don't think it is the problem. I do have a new laptop bought for the project but it is Win 10 64 bit and in order to get the 2800 to work on that system we will need to buy a new activation code and update to the latest version of software.

It would be my preference to upgrade and get a new license anyways but unfortunately my request to have accounting give me a signed check and leave it blank so I can fill it out was denied.

I wish to state for the record Huntron has sent an upgraded version of the software my system needs, and the activation code works, but in the end the upgrade didn't solve the issue. I still think its a computer problem and not the Huntron software. I have to say that Huntron has been fantastic in support for this unit even though it was purchased used; that speaks volumes for the company and its support of their products.

Again, thank you very much for your reply.

Mike AD7VV

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