Best spec pc to run win7 and ws4.1

Started by tracker, February 21, 2011, 07:14:36 PM

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Whats the best spec pc to run win 7 and latest ver WS4.1 on ?

Hooking  up model 30 ,scanner 2 with adaptor , storing loads of sigs and possibly adding pictures (.jpg) of boards under test.

Is there a need for a decent speed graphic card ?
Would it speed things up if we use a higher speed graphic card  or add more mem ?



There is a minimum spec posted on the web site Workstation page however, the "best" spec might also relate to your budget. In my opinion, a multi-core PC with lots of RAM would be best. The Workstation software does not have much demand for video power so a general purpose video card that can support dual monitors would do the trick. Workstation loves dual monitors. :)


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