ProTrack and Workstation Ver.2.2.

Started by jvthorsley, August 24, 2012, 04:47:13 AM

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I did not appreciate that it was possible to run test programs on the ProTrack using Workstation Ver.2.2 as I thought it was only for the DSI 700.
Apart from the obviouse of working with more recent versions of Windows, and the ability to use a USB port,  what are the other things that newer versions of Workstation software can do with my ProTrack that my Version 2.2 can not do? Also what is the sound feature mentioned in the help files on Workstation 2.2 under the heading "Beep Button".


Check out the Huntron web site for info on the current software. Many changes had to do with working in newer OS versions and supporting new releases of hardware.

No idea on the beep button. I don't even have version 2.2 loaded any longer. What does the Help file say?
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The help file on Workstation 2.2 did not say anything else about the sound feature beep button.
Is there any point in writting programs on this early version if I intend to get a more recent version of Workstation?