Reversed Horizontal Trace: How Come?

Started by rohmell, September 17, 2012, 02:31:19 PM

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Hi All.
How come the horizontal trace in the HTR-1005B-1S is reversed?
Essentially, the positive portion of the sweep is shown on the CRT left of center, and the negative portion is shown right of center on the CRT
For example, in the Operator Manual, on page 1-5, figure 1-6 shows the theoretical characteristic of a diode, and figure 1-5 shows the actual trace as seen on a Tracker.
The horizontal axis is reversed between the two figures.
A simple swap of the CRT's horizontal deflection plate connections would cure the problem, but I am wondering how come Huntron designed the unit to display the trace in this fashion?


You will only see this with the 1005B, 1005B1-S models (more commonly known as the Tracker 1000). Somewhere along the line Bill Hunt probably decided it should be reversed. This likely happened when the design of the Tracker 2000 was taking place.
The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.


OK, thank you for your reply, and thanks for the background information.

We were thinking about giving some demos of semiconductor curves, and the way it is set up now, it would confuse the students, who would be comparing actual traces with those shown in textbooks.

We really don't want to 'violate' the Tracker with any modifications, but we are thinking about installing  a DPDT switch in the back that will allow us to switch between Classic Tracker Display' and 'Textbook Display'. !