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just added probe camera to access prober

just added probe camera to access prober
« on: December 03, 2012, 03:54:57 am »
While on a business trip to set up another departments Huntron, I got a case of prober envy. They had the access II prober and it came with a prober camera. Very nice item to have, particularly if you are doing reprobes through conformal coated cards. Once I got back here, I contacted Curtis to see if there was any way to retrofit my Access Prober with one. He said that any web camera would work with the Workstation software. I taped the web camera to the left side of the prober head as a temporary location. Then installed the web camera. After having gone inside the workstation software, having picked the camera to use, and gotten the angle and focus I wanted, I double side taped the webcam down. I then tied the web camera's cord along the fexible loom that the factory wire runs through. It barely made it to the end of the loom. We had to also buy an active USB extender cable. It had to be active (the kind with the little hub on the end) as, I assume, the other cable we had couldn't push enough power and the PC coulnd't load it right. The hub fits inside the left side cover and the wire runs up and out the gap behind the prober arm.

Works like a champ.

I posted this just in case others wanted to duplicate it.