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Started by skb, May 21, 2013, 04:30:56 AM

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We received the DH Access prober about a month ago.
It's running on Windows 32 with 4 gig of ram.
We noticed that there is a slight delay or lag with the software.

Would upgrading to Windows 64 help this?
Also we could upgrade the ram to 32 gig with windows 64.

Has anybody done this?





More RAM is always better. If you can get the upgrade from 32bit to 64bit to install you would be better off in the long run especially when it comes to Windows support.
We are using newer Dell 3GHz i5 PCs with 4Gb of RAM in the Huntron training room. These are running Win7 64bit and seem pretty snappy with Workstation and single head probers. We also upgraded to a better video card (rather than on-board) so we could run dual monitors and display CAD layouts better.
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