Faulty Passive component affect signature of ICs

Started by suveka24, April 01, 2014, 12:11:05 AM

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Dear Admin,

           I found a problem that while scanning a Analog IC there was a change in signature wrt ref but after replacing the same the problem not solved. But i found that the value of a resistance was fault on the same circuit which was far from the IC and the same was interconnected with that IC. How can we find that and Fix the exact problem where it was.?



Using a Tracker for power off troubleshooting allows you to detect problems in circuit. It will not always indicate which component on the NET is causing the problem. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which component is causing the faulty signature. It can be useful to execute your board scan entirely before viewing results. Look for similarities in the failed signatures to help you decide which components are attached to the failed NET. From there, start with the most common faulty components such as electrolytic capacitors.
The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.