Huntron equipment repairs.

Started by jvthorsley, September 16, 2014, 02:29:20 AM

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As I have done in detailing the repair work on my Huntron ProTrack on this forum it would be interesting and helpful for other engineers / Techs if they gave similar details of repair work done to get their test gear up & running again.


Company I work for own 2 ProTrack I & Prober II systems. 
One system the ProTrack I is loosing it's mind and has to be re-flashed about once or twice a month.  I just finished opening the unit up and extracting as many of the PLCC ICs from the circuit boards, cleaning their contacts with isopropyl alcohol and then replacing them. 
The Prober II that is attached to this unit is slowly going blind. I've completely disassembled the camera (low-density B/W), cleaned everything and then reassembled it.  While not as sharp a picture as the primary unit, a notable increase in it's vision.  It's only a matter of time until it goes blind though.
Both instances of work, I took numerous pictures to refer back to and to help in reassembling the equipment.
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I have two ProTracks and with equipment of this age and as I found on my ProTracks without the ventilation holes on the outside case can & do get quite warm inside contributing to aging and hence high ESR of the capacitors in the PSU circuit. I replaced a number of capacitors on the high voltage CRT drive board on one of my ProTracks I have.  Also I think the low voltage PSU will need checking soon as one of my ProTracks has started intermittently going up or down on one of the many ranges & beeping when it does so. I can cancel this happening by pressing the Auto button to effectively cancel further adjustment of the last range selected. I suspect this is caused by aging capacitors in the low voltage PSU that does get quite hot when enclosed with the casing.

The manual for the ProTrack Prober details adjustments for brightness & contrast that can be made on the camera interface card in your PC.
Do you have this manual, if not and if Curtis has no problem with this I could copy the relevant section and email it to you.


If I recall correctly, the pots on the EDC1000 card were for gain and bias. The basic adjustments are still listed on the old FAQ page:

James, if you want to send some info to JF I do not have a problem with that.
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