M30 , access prober USB and how to get them "talking" to XP pro

Started by tracker, August 27, 2009, 10:26:36 PM

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Hi all,

Like to share the following with  forum members on getting USB devices eg M30 "talking" to PCs.
In my experience ,a lot of new users get stuck on not completing their software installs and hence their hardware cannot "talk" ( recognised by)  to windows  XP . >:(

A lot of the time ,we are misled by software that says "Installation has completed successfully " ,only to find the hardware cannot talk to XP,even after a couple of restarts.

The M30 ,serial cameras & probers are  no exception and if they  cannot be recognised , the drivers have not been installed properly.

Control panel/system/hardware and a big yellow question mark beside USB , will give you a clue that this is the case...so how do we solve it?

First of all do not remove the CD from your drive... Right click on the offending USB ,Find update driver and find the driver for the offending device which is missing ,and allow it to copy this essential file over .Then look at control panel again...the USB ques marks should disappear if XP finds the correct drivers.

Perhaps Curtis  could tell us which folders each of these drivers(names and extensions ) are located? So we don't have to search for them and make trial and error guesses and waste valuable time!

Also ....
What's the correct sequence of installation for the USB drivers?...
How many drivers need to be installed ? for  M30 ,Access prober (which has  ,Ftdi serial to usb converter ,serial color camera etc ).

Although we only need to do this once only , it is an important step which a lot of new  users will  miss.

Oh ,by the way ,the above applies to all USB devices which talk to XP . :) , so once you learn this solution , its applies to many other user problems with USB eg universal programmers ,test instruments,gps devices,music players ,mobile phones etc

Hope this helps new users!


Thanks for the great post!

In most cases, you can browse to the root of the Huntron Workstation CD when installing drivers from the Device Manager.

The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.