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Started by cooter1974, August 29, 2009, 08:37:12 PM

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Could someone explain how the Tracker model numbers work? For example, I have a HTR1005B-1S (a two channel grey model) and a HTR1005B-1S (a two channel tan and black model). Completely different design (different case and circuit board). I've been told the serial numbers come into play. If someone could provide me a list of some sort, I would greatly appreciate it.


I will give this a shot but I am doing from memory.

The Tracker 1005B was a single channel that had a serial number without a prefix.
The Tracker 1005B1-S (the S stands for switching) was a two channel Tracker. It had several versions with serial number prefixes of 212, 214, 21F and 220. These were all in the tan or black cases. The Tracker 1000 came in a gray case with the serial prefix of 21A.
There were also E and J models that were in Europe and Japan respectively because of the power voltage differences.
Hope this helps.

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