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Started by David cordero, November 09, 2017, 06:44:40 AM

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David cordero

Hello, I need some information, I'll have to ask it in this way to see if you can understand me, what does my PC need to connect this equipment to where the camera port connects? to the PC or to another card that no longer appears? someone who has a team of these functional please send me a photo or a drawing of how it connects because I bought the disc that the manufacturer sells but does not give any information about this and now the disc does not work for me at all and I am losing a lot of time and money with this team, if a good Samaritan can condolece of me could get me the smile of the day greetings.


Hi David,
I provided this information in your earlier Forum post.

The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.

David cordero

ok you tell me that the cam uses an isa card but so that to connect to the pc I can not connect from the camera output of the rp 388 to the pc through a serial port? which card you say is no longer manufactured and it is difficult to find the one that is inside the RP 388, because if that is my computer has only one pc missing and I already have the GPIB card and the serial port now I want to know where I connect the camera, it's the only thing I need