Keysight Agilent GPIB interfaces

Started by David cordero, September 19, 2021, 09:04:27 PM

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David cordero

Hello does huntron equipment support Keysight Agilent GPIB interfaces?             


There is no support for GPIB interfaces with any of the current products. My question would be why use GPIB rather than USB?
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David cordero

because I have many computers with GPIB, and the Huntron 5100 works with GPIB and the GPIB to usb converter is the answer to why use GPIB and not USB ?.
Well, this is how I convert old GPIB equipment into USB.



Dear David!

I don't have a Huntron 5100.
But I control old multimeters with Agilent gpib-usb converters.
You can download the Keysight connection expert software for free and control the device with it.
The program has an Auto discovery function, but you can also enter an address for communication in manual mode.

David cordero

This means that it could work because the GPIB terminals are a standard of communication and data inputs and outputs, I will try, many thanks for the information friend.