Started by Achcee, November 11, 2009, 09:53:45 AM

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Is the ProTrack still being made? I sometimes see them on EBAY and was wondering what the actual value is.



Hi HC,
The ProTrack is still around but officially is out of production for the commercial market.
EBay value of a ProTrack can be quite high since they are supported by the version 4 Workstation software. I have seen used ProTracks go for alot of money but be aware that it may not come with software and software licenses are not transferable. In some cases, the seller may not know what a "ProTrack" or "Tracker" is and so have no knowledge on how to make sure it works properly. Get as much info from the seller as possible before bidding OR you could always buy a new Tracker Model 30( ) from Huntron.  ;)  (shameless plug, I know...)


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ProTrack has a better specification than the 30 or 2800.