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Started by mpallant, March 27, 2010, 03:14:25 PM

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For the life of me, I cannot find where I can create a new alignment image from the current camera view.

The autoalign feature fails to work because my original images are darker (cannot lighten - the ambient light in the work area has changed).  But besides this, often a board will have a variance created by a rev change that happens to be in the viewing area of an alignment point.  I need to be able to 'save' the new alignment image, but the save button is greyed out.

I figure that I need to delete some key in the registry, but I'd rather have that pointed out specifically before I go mess something up.

This little 'how to' is something that would be great if incorporated into the help file.  A nice thing about help files is the ability to have hypertext so that the user can look up a word from a heading such as 'align' and find the word 'image' from that section which is linked to various related tasks, such as getting a new alignment image.  The software is massive and it can be real time consuming to try to find the right way to perform everyday housekeeping tasks after a database is complete.




Hi MP,
You can get new alignment images by peforming a "Realign". Make sure to perform a regular "Align" as precisely as possible before using Realign. The Realign process is described in the CAD Import tutorial linked in the Help menu.


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