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Started by metrictest, September 02, 2010, 05:01:42 PM

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We are currently considering exporting a 2000 tracker to an non-U.S. customer and are in need of export classification. We need to know if this unit is a dual use item, and if it is, whether it falls under EAR or ITAR. If it falls under EAR (which it most likely is), what is its classification, namely the ECCN code and the Schedule B code (more information on these codes can be found here

If someone cannot answer my question, perhaps you could point me to a detailed description of the unit's specifications and possible applications. I'm asking this because we do not own this unit yet, but we are considering buying it for one of our overseas customers.

Thank you!


I am not up on export requirements but I imagine this Tracker 2000 unit would be considered used electronic test equipment and subject to duties imposed by the ship-to country.

There is some basic information on this page from the Huntron web site:

Sorry, couldn't find online specification info.

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