• Small Business Opportunities in Electronics

    3 MIN. READ The diversity of the high tech industry, combined with the enormous demand for its products, creates numerous small business opportunities in electronics. Broadly, these opportunities allow a small business to break into a seemingly impenetrable industry and carve out a sizable niche. Opportunities in the electronics business can arise from products you […]

  • The PCB Troubleshooting Flowchart

    6 MINUTE READ This PCB Troubleshooting Flowchart was first developed by Huntron Technical Support 25+ years ago and looking at it now is still pertinent to today’s PCB repair environment. It provides a fairly accurate window into the process many technicians and engineers follow when looking to diagnose and repair a printed circuit board (PCB).In […]

  • PCB Testing – The Benefits and Drawbacks of Common Strategies

    3 MIN. READ Printed circuit boards (PCBs) can be manufactured quickly. Pick-and-place machines automate the placement of components onto the PCB, and reflow ovens eliminate the need to solder each connection separately. However, high-speed manufacturing requires a PCB testing strategy that can keep up with production. Slow testing can create a bottleneck in your facility. […]