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Accessories for Huntron Products

For a list of the more popular Huntron accessories, you can also download the Huntron Accessories datasheet.

Tracker 2800 travel case Travel Case for Tracker 2800, 2800S, Tracker Model 30 or Tracker 3200S -
Part# 98-0524

This rugged travel case made by Storm has padded foam inserts specifically tailored to fit Tracker Model 30, 2800, 2800S and accessories. The outside case dimensions are 21”W x 14”D x 9”H. The case has a handle and pop-out roller wheels for easy transport. Order lead time is typically 2-4 weeks.
Workstation option Huntron Workstation for Tracker 2800 or 2800S -
Part# 98-0605

Upgrade your Tracker 2800 system with the addition of software control using Huntron Workstation. Workstation lets you scan and store Tracker signatures on your Windows PC.
ASA Training Kit ASA Training Accessory Kit -
Part# 98-0678

This useful combination kit includes the Tracker ASA Training Course, the Footswitch and one pair of Huntron MP20 Microprobes in a single kit.
Footswitch for Tracker Model 30 or 2800/2800S Footswitch for Tracker 3200S, Tracker Model 30, Tracker 2800 and 2800S -
Part# 98-0315

This Footswitch will allow you to increment tests using the manual test probes where your hands are not free to access the PC keyboard or mouse. This Footswitch will also work with the TrackerPXI. Very useful!
Analog Signature Analysis Training Course Huntron ASA Training Course -
Part# 98-0515

The course covers the basic of using analog signature analysis for circuit board troubleshooting. The course includes a CD with a full resolution PDF for printing and a special printed circuit board used during the course exercises.
Spring probe kit Spring Probe Kit for Access Probers-
Part# 98-0126

The Probe kit contains replacement probes and receptacles for Huntron Access and Access 2 Probers.
Included are:
- General purpose 100mil needle probe (qty 5)
- High spring force 100mil needle probe (qty 5) for conformal coated PCBs
- Crown tip 100mil probe (qty 5) suited for general purpose or surfaced mounted devices (SMDs)
- Crown tip 50mil probe (qty 10) for fine pitch SMDs
- Replacement 100mil receptacles (qty 2)
- Replacement 50mil receptacles (qty 5)
- Probe Holder for 50mil spring probes (used with Access Probers)
- Drill bits and pin vise for broken probe removal