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Your best bet might to buy one of the Ex. US Navy ProTracks on Ebay.
See this link:-
Only $350.00.
Most of the guts removed but still has the CRT.
Goodness only knows why when disposing of old no longer required Huntron ProTracks the US Navy have to remove some of the essential components.
Or go the whole hog and get yourself a working ProTrack + Scanner on EBay.
It will all work with Workstation 3.5 on Windows XP, for not too much dosh.
You could then record test results on a PC, very useful.
This Question and Answer video (the first in a hopefully ongoing series) on the Huntron YouTube channel looks at the Component Scans tab in the Workstation software and its relationship with the Troublesheet. We also discuss how to save your Workstation test results as an ASCII Text file that could be imported into a spreadsheet or database.
The B31 is the CRT Phosphor.
The 150 is the size.
Sorry Richard
Hi Richard
This company on link below claims they have stock of Huntron Part No. 07-4018
I have two Hunton ProTracks, and a backup CRT for each of them.
But if Curtis could be persuaded to sell me a demo 3200S at reasonable price rather than insisting I go through the UK dealer, who just goes on about import charges I could be so persuaded.
I also see that EBay has the P31 on this link
I would not expect Radwell to have any CRTs. Best to call them before ordering. Huntron no longer has any so you may need to search further. The Huntron part number for the CRT was 07-4018 by the way. The Toshiba number was 85 DB31 sometimes referred to as a P31.

The 06-4012 part number listed by fetron was for the CRT cable harness so Radwell has the wrong number.
radwell part number:
 huntron 06-4012
Yes the one I have has a open Filament.
I could use 2 I have a 2500 with Bad CRT also and a 2500 wih Bad HV Transformer.
Can I call you ?.
Can you sell me any of what I need ?.
Richard , 602-524-8748 cell phone.

Looks like the correct one.  :)
I assume your Huntron Tracker 4000 is the same as the Huntron ProTrack but without the ability to connect it to a Scanner or Computer.
If so this is probably the CRT you need, a Toshiba Part No.E8384B31.
No doubt Curtis (Huntron Tech) will correct me if I'm wrong.
For a while Huntron were selling some of these CRT's
Is this for a spare or do you have a problem with the display?
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