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Quote from: Al1234 on October 25, 2023, 11:10:42 AMI am going to share this free of charge.

For in circuit electrolytic capacitor test the best instrument in my opinion is the BK 881.
I am surprised at myself for not responding to this comment. This is a "Huntron" forum after all.
In-circuit testing with an ESR meter will give you cumulative values since there can be caps in parallel. How do you know which cap has leakage?
Finding a leaky signature when testing the "tops" means that specific cap has an issue. That's the beauty of this method.
Quote from: Technician on April 03, 2024, 10:37:57 PMThank you very much, the tracker is working fine now after replacement of K27 and K48 (staying closed).

Have a nice day.
Thanks for updating us on the repair. It is always good to have this information on the Forum.
Thank you very much, the tracker is working fine now after replacement of K27 and K48 (staying closed).

Have a nice day.
If Channel A was being used when the charged cap was tested then relays K48 and K2 (located by the banana jacks) would have been closed and possibly damaged. K1 and K27 could also be damaged. Also check D6, D7 located on the top side near the relays. Check R103 (1K) and R102 (1K) located on the bottom. U16 could also be damaged (large 7 pin OPA551).

After the resistances and relay replacement the tracker is half working.

If I push on the "Menu" button and select on the screen "control" "2000" "Low", the tracker works fine.

If I changed the "low"mode with "MED1" or "MED2", a low resistance value close to short-circuit appears on the display. (picture 1)

The same problem appears with manual settings when i push the 15 or 20V button (picture 3)

When I launch a diagnostic analysis of "all", the tracker keeps blocked on this screen (picture 4).*

Can you please help me to find a solution ?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your quick answer.

Have a nice day!
Welcome to the Huntron Users Forum, Technician!

R112 is 1Kohms, 1 watt, 5%.
R8 is 100 ohms, .75W, 1%.
R23 is 115 ohms, .75W, 1%.

R8 and R23 are in parallel and tie to K41, so check that relay as well.
Doesn't the input circuit for the two channels repeat itself?

Following a measurement carried out with our Tracker 2800 on a capacitor that had not discharged, the resistors R112, R8 and R23 have burnt/exploded.

R8 seems to be a 100R resistor and R23 a 115R, unfortunately R112 is too damaged and it is impossible to read the value on it.

Would anyone be able to give the value of this resistor and confirmed the two others ?

Thanks !
Out of Production Hardware / Re: ProTrack I, hi Freq, hi ...
Last post by admin - March 04, 2024, 06:27:15 AM
Quote from: jvthorsley on March 01, 2024, 07:19:48 AMHi Curtis
Your comment "This is some of the cool stuff the ProTrack had that was not carried over to newer products".
Reminds me you can't take the output from the internal Scanner on the 3200S to a DMM or counter.
Perhaps when the warranty period has expired someone might have a look inside the unit and see if it can be done as on the ProTrack Scanner.
It would be possible but a bit destructive rerouting the connection between the main PCB and the Scanner PCB. I guess if you were not using a prober you could use the BNC connectors on the back as your external connections.