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A bench vice is very useful to gently squeeze the two halves of a 64-way IDC socket on a ribbon cable.
But taking care that the individual wires line up with the jaws of the IDC socket.
I think I posted this in some other thread here but here is the link again to the IC clip cable construction drawing:
Or you could buy some 64-way IDC ribbon cable connectors (
And some 64-way ribbon cable (
And make up your own test leads with what ever you want to test on the other end. in the U.S.A. stock Farnell parts as above, and same part numbers.

Digi-Key & Mouser also stock these parts, but different Part Nos.

Photo shows 64-way IDC ribbon cable connector, and adapter used wuth a Huntron ProTrack + Scanner.
Hi Achcee,
The cable you linked will work with the Tracker 3200S (64 pin front panel headers).
Here are others that work as well --

Tracker 2800S 8 pin TH clip/cable:
Tracker 2800S 8 pin SOIC clip/cable:
Tracker 2800S 20 pin TH clip/cable:
Tracker 2800S 20 pin cable:
Tracker 3200S 20 pin clip/cable:
Tracker 3200S 20 pin cable:
Tracker 2800S 40 pin clip/cable:
Tracker 2800S 40 pin cable:

Or just go here to see them all:

I am glad to see Warwick Test Supply offer these cables since Huntron no longer does (long story... don't ask).

Are these IC clip cables compatible with the current Huntron Trackers? The company says that they are but I want to make sure.

General Discussion / Re: Manual versus Automated PCB Testing
« Last post by admin on February 08, 2021, 12:42:08 pm »
Great write-up, James!
Those connectors look pretty nasty and I can see how high resistance shorts could be an issue.
You have an interesting workaround to use the ProTrack Scanner. I would not have thought of that method. :)

Also, the Workstation software can be set to Fail if a measured DMM value is outside of a nominal value you set. This is set in the Range by selecting the Comparison type as either "Nominal" or "Nominal %". Then you indicate the Nominal value you want in the Nominal field and the Tolerance (by value if the Comparison is set for Nominal OR by percentage if it is set to Nominal %).
General Discussion / Manual versus Automated PCB Testing
« Last post by jvthorsley on February 05, 2021, 03:01:25 pm »
I repair & test a range of circuit boards used on agricultural machinery.
The two main PCB's have a lot of plugs & sockets on the boards.
These connectors all have the connecting pins very close together, and in the humid, dusty environment shorts can develop and with lots of  available AMPS on a 12 V.D.C. system.   Burnt, carbonized circuit board results shorting out CAN BUS lines to power lines.
The resistance of these shorts can be very high, 400 K Ohm +.
And as all the components (Relays, Flasher modules, & Fuses) used on these PCB's are plugin I made an adapter to test using my ProTrack  (or 3200S would do the same) for shorts after removing all the plugin components.
The adaptor I made using Stripboard consists of two 64-way IDC connectors.
One to connect to my ProTrack Scanner, and the other to whatever plug I wanted to test using ribbon cable.
I also put sixty four 47 K Ohm resistors on the strip-board, each one connected to each of the 64 pins of the IDC connector. The other end of the resistors are all connected together and connected to the Tracker COM socket.
Each pin on the two IDC connectors are connected pin 1 to pin, and pin 2 to pin and so on.
Set the Tracker range to 20 V, 100 kOhm, 1 KHz and very tight tolerance, say 1 to 6 %, and this can see short circuits of nearly 400 K Ohm.
But I was to find that some circuit boards came bouncing back to me because they had a resistance of 1 M Ohm or higher between connector pins, that should be open circuit as nothing else was connected to them.
That is until all the plugin components are installed.
So as the more recent versions of Workstation support DMM's, and various other bits of test equipment, time to spend more hard earnt cash on a decent DMM.
So it came down to probing one pin at a time or sell the house and buy a Huntron Prober and work+ live in a bicycle shed!!
But using the above adaptor, this time with 10 M Ohm resistors, and an Agilent 34410A DMMI was able to easily see if there was a resistance between connector pins of the order of 200 M Ohm.
I disconnected the Ch. A BNC plug on the back of my Scanner from the ProTrack, and connected the Scanner Ch. A output to my DMM.
And Tracker COM connection to common on my adaptor stripboard.
I then, and note here no PC connection to my Tracker, ran the Scanner from the Trackers menu and was able to very quickly run through all the pins on a plug or socket to test for shorts between pins using the DMM in the very high G Ohm range.
 Note this method can not be run on a 3200S that has the Relay Matrix & Tracker as one unit so not possible to access the Relays output.
I ran this first with Workstation that just gives you a nice big readout on the PC Monitor.
But Keysight who have taken over Agilent test gear have a program called Test Flow in there Benchvue DMM control program that can I am told gives you warning if the measurements you are scanning are outside of the set parameters.
But with another PC running workstation controlling the Tracker,  it might be possible to control the Scanner and run the test a bit like running a Prober.
Have yet to run this test procedure a bit more to see how successful it proves to be.

The attached photos show how a high resistance short of 250 M Ohms can develop into a low resistance short below 100 Ohms and start burning the PCB material, turning it into carbon that makes an even lower resistance.
And photo of the High Resistance Adaptor with 10 M Ohm installed.
The missing twenty 10 M Ohm resistors awaiting customs clearance due to BREXIT!!

Using the the Scanner on my ProTrack menu and turning the Ecoder Knob I can check 37 pins in approximately 37 - 39 seconds.

Current Software - Huntron Workstation 4.X / Re: Workstation 4.3.7656 released
« Last post by admin on January 31, 2021, 05:09:12 am »
Yes, it was already open for ProTrack and Tracker 3200s users.
Current Software - Huntron Workstation 4.X / Re: Workstation 4.3.7656 released
« Last post by jvthorsley on January 29, 2021, 03:40:26 pm »
Is this " Image pane enabled for Tracker 2800/2800S users" is this not possible for ProTrack users.
Current Software - Huntron Workstation 4.X / Re: Workstation 4.3.7656 released
« Last post by admin on January 26, 2021, 06:47:04 am »
Here is basic list:
- Maintenance updates
- Support for Rohde-Schwarz FSH4 Spectrum Analyzer
- Camera position is shown in the Image pane/Image tab
- Non-Prober users can add image to Image pane/Image tab and assign tags attached to selected Component
- Image pane enabled for Tracker 2800/2800S users
- Pulse Generator/DC Source settings shown in Signature box
- Pin Offset available for 1 pin devices on Access DH or DH2
- Tutorials updated
- Improvements to 3.X/4.1/4.2 test conversion
- Update to CAD Import to allow selection of preferred Common net/node (Access DH/DH2)

And a post on our News blog with more details:
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