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New Workstation release -- 4.1.4134


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New Workstation release -- 4.1.4134
« on: April 28, 2011, 07:09:45 am »
Hello All,
Huntron has just released a new version of Huntron Workstation. The version is 4.1.4134 which is the first release to support the Tracker 2800/2800S with USB port.
Additional changes include moving the Board Image from the Board level to the Sequence level. This is partly in preparation for a new feature to be added in the next release (teaser...). There is also a handy "Reprobe Pin Signatures" in the right-click signature box menu. This will reprobe the pin signatures and immediately prompt to Replace saving you a couple of added steps (we listen to our customers!).
As always there are many underlying tweaks made (aka bug fixes). Questions and comments are welcome!

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