2800 video demo and 9 resistance ranges

2800 video demo and 9 resistance ranges
« on: April 30, 2011, 07:17:26 AM »
Hi Curtis,

Nice job on the video demo.

I like it that you highlighted 9 steps for resistance  .Many people  i know who use 2800 for a long time  ,don't see the bottom 4 ranges.Due partly to the cramped labeling and flashing used to represent them.Also 2 presses to access them.

No such problem in software, so it is good  huntron is finally pairing the 2800 up with workstation software.

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Re: 2800 video demo and 9 resistance ranges
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The video is pretty basic but I hope it helps illustrate some of the Tracker's basic functions.
There is also a new Tracker 2800 tutorial that covers Workstation use:

Feedback is always appreciated.

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