Beta 64bit Workstation released

Started by admin, April 23, 2012, 08:35:00 AM

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Hello all,
Huntron has developed a version of its Huntron Workstation 32bit software to run under Windows 7 64bit. If you would like to try out this beta version, all we ask is that you let us know of all issues encountered.

***Before proceeding make sure that your Huntron Workstation Software maintenance expires after 04/19/2012 so that you can run this version. To check your expiration date Go to Help->About Huntron Workstation or it is also printed on the Huntron Workstation CD. If your maintenance has expired contact Huntron to update your maintenance.***
***Huntron ProTrack, TrackerPXI, Prober IIc and Prober IIIc are not supported for 64bit***

One issue to be aware of is that Windows 7 64bit will not automatically install drivers that are not Microsoft certified. Some of the drivers that we use are not certified. Follow the procedure below for installing this beta version:

1.       Download the software from

2.       Unzip the downloaded file.

3.       Exit the current version of Huntron Workstation software and any other programs running on the PC.

4.       Turn off the Huntron products attached to the PC.

5.       Run HuntronWorkstation.exe from the setup folder at the unzip location.

6.       If you are using an Access USB or Access 2 USB Prober run 2250setup.exe from the Sensoray2250 SDK folder.

7.       If you are using any Huntron Prober and have not installed the NI Vision tools on this PC, run vision80rte.exe from the Vision folder.

8.       Turn on the Huntron Products connected to the PC.

9.       Install drivers as prompted. If the install is looking for files point it to: C:\Program Files\Huntron Workstation\Drivers

10.   Open Windows Device Manager, check for drivers not installed (Marked with yellow icon). For each select update driver and point to: C:\Program Files\Huntron Workstation\Drivers

Support for this beta version will start on Monday April 23rd, 2012. Contact Huntron Technical support at 1-800-426-9265, 425-743-3171. Please Email to let us know that you are going to test the beta version and report all issues and concerns to Curtis Smith at

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