ProTrack Diags on Workstation 3.5 & Firmware upgrade?

Started by jvthorsley, August 27, 2012, 03:37:37 AM

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Not sure if this should be a hardware or software topic, but chosen this.
In the manual for Workstation 3.5 page 115 it states "Sig Check Button: This checks the consistency of signatures. This button is not avaiable for ProTracks with KJ1 or KJ2 serial number prefixes".

I have a ProTrack 20 with the serial No. prefix "KJ2". My question is can I upgrade the firmware on my ProTrack to the Serial No. prefix "KJ3" or "KJ4"?
And what are the other upgrades obtained on serial No. prefix KJ3 and KJ4 ?


KJ3 and KJ4 ProTracks have a completely different motherboard. There is no upgrade from a KJ2 to a KJ3 or KJ4.