ProTrack and USB upgrade?

Started by jvthorsley, August 31, 2012, 02:11:34 AM

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I have read most of the discussions on this forum and see that users of the ProTrack are advised to buy the USB upgrade kit.
This makes sense what with newer computers not having a parallel / Centronics port and the abilty to use the ProTrack with Windows 7.
Even as recently as 23rd August 2012 I was advised to upgrade my ProTrack to USB operation.
So this morning I was very disapointed to see an email from Richard Baldwin of Terotest who is the the supplier for Huntron parts in the U.K stating that Huntron can no longer supply the USB upgrade kit for my ProTrack.
Under the heading product news this web site lists the USB upgrade kit with the Part No. 98-0443 that I need as my ProTrack has the serial number prefix KJ2.
Please can you help as I am very attached to my ProTrack and like the facilities that it has and as mentioned on another part of this forum I like to use the pulse generator that is not an option it would appear on the newer Huntron Model 30 or 2800 impedance signature analyzers.
If the USB upgrade kit really is not available,  then the Huntron web site and this forum should make this fact very clear.
I do hope you guys at Huntron can help me as I really would like to be able to use my ProTrack on a new laptop PC rather than an old desktop computer and sorry to have to mention it but we are in a recession and I just do not have the funds to fork out on a new Huntron plus the pulse generator problem, but mainly lack of funds.
So please Huntron can you help?


Protrack with parallel port can be used with the latest version of Huntron Workstation (32BIT); however, this needs to be installed on a Windows XP Professional machine, as per our website: (the USB upgrade mentioned is no longer available).

Your local distributor can provide a quotation for software and I will advise them now by email of the part number and options.

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