DSI 700 Operators Manual

Started by Millerrl143, February 19, 2013, 10:25:48 AM

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Hello everyone,
      I have the service manual for the DSI700 but I am looking for the original Operators Manual for this unit.   I would appreciate any help on this topic.   If anyone needs a copy of the service manual please let me know.  That I can help with.  I am new to the Huntron world so that operators manual would be a great help to me.  I will be using this with an older version of the Tracker 2000 and version 3.5 software which I have. I also have a HRS 410 and its Operator and Service Manual.


Correction: I will be using the 2.2 version software that runs on Win95.   I have also located the Operators Manual in pdf form.   I also can make a .pdf of the Service Manual if anyone needs either of these.    I have a problem with the DSI 700 and I am working through this little issue now.  ???


I have bought a faulty DSI700 on Ebay. I have no any software or service manual, etc.. for this unit. Can you help me, please?
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What is the problem with the DSI700? Providing more information is always helpful.
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