Workstation 4.2 released

Started by admin, February 26, 2014, 07:24:03 AM

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Hello all,

We released Workstation version 4.2 earlier this week. So far feedback has been good and many are interested in giving the new DMM module a try. Did I mention that the DMM support is INCLUDED with the update? As long as you have a current maintenance agreement you can use the DMM capabilities as you would a Tracker. You may need to contact us for a new activation code that enables the Workstation SDK before your can try using a DMM with Huntron Workstation. Of course you have to have one of the currently supported DMMs -- Agilent 34410A or 34461A and the Tek 4050. We may see support for other DMMs added in the future provided they have reasonable communication abilities (meaning USB or better) and software drivers.
For detailed information you can download the DMM Workstation tutorial using the link near the top of our Training web page :
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