Huntron 640 Switcher question

Started by mbdmtrasdl, December 23, 2014, 09:07:57 PM

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    I have had great success reviving a Huntron 2000 and a 640 Switcher.  I now find I would like to make my own sets of cables that would terminate into  40 mini-clips. I would like to know the correct connector plug used for the input to the switcher(perhaps 64 positions of which 40 max. can be used). Also, are the foot pedal switches for the switcher just a n.o.
pushbutton switch?
As always, thanks greatly for your continued help



The connectors to the front of the 640 are simple 64 pin IDC headers that are available from AMP, Digikey and other sources that sell ribbon cable ends. The ones we sell online will work with the 640:

The footswitch used a simple N/O switch.
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