software for 5100DS for XP, workstation 3

Started by David cordero, January 18, 2018, 07:31:56 PM

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David cordero

Hello friends, I need the workstation 3 to configure my gpib to work with windos xp because in windows 98 this computer does not work with version 2.2 and the GPIB that I have works from windows 2000 onwards, and does not read the instrument.

Thank you.


Okay, I will post this link one last time:

It is Important that you extract this ZIP file to a SIMPLE folder name and path (such as c:\huntron) before you install. The unzip password is 354XPSP2 . This is 14 year old software so support will be limited.
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Hello David
I use Workstation 3 with Windows XP Pro S/P 3 all the time with my ProTrack Scanner so might be able to help with problems there.
But not familiar with the Prober, so can't really help with that.
I did try a sample version of Workstation 4 Curtis emailed me, but with lack of time as a self employed engineer, and probably using Workstation 3 & earlier versions for many years, and Polar T6000 fault locator software, I  found Workstation 4 so different that I think it needed a few clear weeks of work to get to grips with it. So gave up!
Plus Workstation 4 costs a hell of a lot more than version 3.

David cordero

thank you very much friends for the support they always give me, I just want to make the 5100DS functional and I think that the workstation 3 is the ideal one.

Greetings and many thanks James and Curtis.


Help ;

Ref: Cable Connect PC , To Tracker 5100DS ???

- Version software Workstation 3.5.4
Parallele To USB is possible ????




A parallel to USB adaptor can be sourced for not much money, so would be interested hear how you get on with that.
I have yet to try this on my spare ProTrack, that does not have the Huntron USB adaptor card installed.
Just for reference the Huntron USB Upgrade Kit had the Part No. 98-0443. But unfortunately they all seem to have disappeared into a Black Hole!


The 5100DS used a GPIB interface so there is not an adapter that I am aware of. You would need to use a USB GPIB interface and old software.
The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.