ProTrack 1 stuck at Calibrating Offsets.

Started by jvthorsley, August 01, 2018, 09:00:17 AM

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Recently had a problem with my ProTrack, on initialization it got stuck at "Calibrating Offsets", and would do nothing else, no display on the CRT.
Identified the problem as an open circuit track from Pin 28 on the Altera EEPROM (Part No.EPM7032LC44-15T) in position U28.
About a year back found the 47 uF caps leaking round the three regulators U37, U45, & U46, eating through the copper track. So I guess the problem I had at the point where the track goes into a plated hole to the other side of the board close to L4, was just another bit of copper track that got nobbled by the contents of the 47 uF capacitors.