Setting Common Pin for Scanner Users

Started by admin, October 12, 2020, 03:18:45 PM

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There is a quicker method to set the Common Pin 1 setting (Ranges tab) than right-clicking the column header and selecting "Set Current All - Pins" (which only works for the selected range).
First, set your Common Pin 1 for the first Range (image 1). Right-click the row header for the selected Range and choose "Group Edit" (image 2). In the Group Edit window, select all the pins the bottom left list, check the Common Pin 1 checkbox and click the Update Pins/Ranges button (image 3). You will see that all of your Ranges and Pins are set to the Common Pin you selected earlier.

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Just now saw this. Thanks! I have been doing it the old way, right-click Common Pin at the top. Group Edit is very useful.