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Started by pal, November 27, 2009, 05:01:07 PM

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I'm looking for Tracker Demonstration boards with part numbers: 06-3059 and/or 07-7709 (perferred or one very similar). I have one of each but need more to train individuals on how to use a Protrack. Any ideas?


Thanks for joining the Forum, Pal.

I don't have the part numbers memorized in this case but is this the board that has good and bad components on it? Measures roughly 5"x7"? If so, that board has not been manufactured for quite a while. There may be a few in stock however so I can check tomorrow and post here.


The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.


Hi Pal,
I checked Huntron stock and these boards are unfortunately no longer there. Wish I had better news. You could make your own boards as these demo boards were pretty simple. The defective semiconductor components were created by zapping them with a high voltage capacitor tester.  :D
The most important troubleshooting tool is your eyes.


I have some 4 spare Huntron demo boards.
They are 2X PCB 07-7762 REV C, 07-07709 REVB,  and 07-7766 REV.A.
If any one wants these let me know.