Re-Activation issues on 4.1

Started by mpallant, February 06, 2010, 10:37:24 AM

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I recently purchased the new Workstation 4.1 with CAMCAD 4.7 to use with my Proscan tracker and prober.

It installed fine and was able to activate the software, but then found that during the CAMCAD install, only the CAMCAD Pro should have been installed, not the whole package!

However, before realizing this, I thought that there was a licensing issue with CAMCAD, for I could not import the CAD data intended.  I had uninstalled CAMCAD Pro and then reinstalled it (again the wrong way) and found I had to re-activate Workstation again.  It activated with no problem.

Now, the third time, with the correct CAMCAD package installed, I have to re-activate Workstation 4 again.  I cannot!

Has anyone else had problems with re-activation?


Though it would be interesting to see if anyone else has had this happen, it seems to have 'fixed' itself.

There were many reboots and system restores between the two events, however, so I really can't say if it was something I did or if just waiting 48 hours did the trick.



The reboots may have helped. Since the CAMCAD Pro software is licensed through API using Workstation, any additional external license apps may have been confusing the install. Glad you got it fixed.
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