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Started by mpallant, March 27, 2010, 03:25:08 PM

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With ISO standards, there is constant pressure to be able to prove that defined processes exist and are followed.  In my company, one method to achieve this is to have every software revision and test controlled and under restricted access.  This means that anything electronically stored must be accessed from a central location.

However, it seems as though this is not entirely possible with Workstation 4.1.  For instance, if I attempt to load a .CC file from the network drive, I get a file error.  What permissions must the user have in order to open a board database with CAD data from a network drive?  The intent is to run a test, but be able to prevent unauthorized changes to the test so that it can be proved that the test is the same test for every tested unit.  Can scan results be saved to another location than where the board test database is loaded?



Hi MP,
You (or anyone else using the test) need to have full read/write priviledges to the MDB file.


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