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Started by ereides, May 01, 2012, 04:13:47 AM

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I am new with Huntron and just now begining to learning it.
Have some one experience with VGA components? Is there some method for testing this kind of materials?

Thank you.

Ernesto Reides.
Best regards

Ernesto Reides


Welcome to the forums Ernesto.

Do you mean "BGA" (ball grid array) components? If yes, then you are probably experiencing the frustration that many technicians have regarding the testing of these ICs. Unless the PCB designers have included test pads on the opposite side of the board, access to the BGA pins has to be accomplished by testing NETS on components that connect to the BGAs or by testing connected VIAs. Having CAD data or schematics can be useful in determining where to test on the PCB. If no schematics are available then testing most (or all) of the components surrounding the BGA devices will work fairly well.
What type of Tracker do you have?


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Thank you Curtis for your response,

We have an Access 2 and yes I mean "BGA", sorry but "B" and "V" are one next the other in the keyboard  :-[.
I have lots to learn about this system, thank you again and best regards.

Best regards

Ernesto Reides

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The Great Huntron guru is right.  Skems are nifty, but if they're not avail that's the next best approach.  A pain, but when all else fails. . . 
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