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Started by MichaelHeit AD7VV, September 03, 2019, 10:27:44 AM

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MichaelHeit AD7VV


Our company just bought a 2800 from another company that rarely used the tracker. I look forward to using the 2800 and have started reading through this forum looking to learn about this great tool.

We are a major Airline and I will be using The tracker maintaining our full motion flight simulator and other items brought in for test or repair. I have also been tasked with training others in my staff in how to use the unit and I'm contemplating purchasing the training course with a training aid to better learn the 2800.

I am also submitting a purchase request for the activation code for the tracker software, the 2800 seems to me an incomplete unit without the program.

Thank you for letting me join this forum, I deeply appreciate any replies that may be submitted.

Michael Heit
Electronics Engineer Everts Air Alaska AD7VV


Welcome to the Forum, Mike.
The 2800S is a nice unit and the software is a great extension to its usefulness. Check out the Huntron YouTube channel for some basics on using the 2800.

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